Promise Of Love


Format: CD
Label: Tiger Style
Catalog: 47
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 11/05/2013
UPC: 686806004727

Promise Of Love
Artist: American Analog Set
Format: CD
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Somewhere—in an alternate universe perhaps—there's a city with a big commercialradio station that might play Promise of Love. It's a gentle place, with moregardens than lawns and more trees than gardens, plenty of bike paths, hardlyany cars, zeppelins overhead, midget cops on unicycles—you get the idea.

The station probably wouldn't play the album in its entirety. (Even in imaginaryworlds, commercial radio has its rules.) But it could cover many bases in thecourse of a day. Opening track, "Continuous Hit Music," with its rousingpolychromatic organ drone, angular guitars and athletic bounce, would be a surefiremorning hit. The lambent "Hard to Find" could provide a perfect remedyfor mid-morning jitters. And when "Come Home Baby Julie, Come Home"came on, it would be as though Andrew Kenny, sounding not unlike a wistful Mr.Rogers update, were signaling the end of the morning kindergarten session.

Afternoon drive time would be a challenge. Program directors could have a toughtime choosing between Promise of Love's ebullient title track and "TheHotlist," a piece of carefully structured slacker funk that's all of theSea and Cake with a healthy scoop of ice cream on the side.

And every now and then in the wee hours, when the rain is coming down softlyor the fireflies are out in droves, a DJ puts on the darkly ecstatic "ModernDrummer." Suddenly, all the little policemen get off their unicycles anddance their slow, stately dance.