Jigsaw [Import]


Format: CD
Catalog: 9341004004214
Genre: Rap/HipHop
Rel. Date: 04/07/2009
UPC: 5060172000562

Jigsaw [Import]
Artist: Lady Sovereign
Format: CD
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Jigsaw is the follow-up to Sov's successful debut album, Public Warning, released in late 2006. Over the course of that release, Sov won the respect of Jay-Z and America's urban doyenne, sold over 300,000 copies worldwide of her debut, and had the only ever #1 on MTV America's video countdown chart by a British artist.


Here’s a concept that works: 20 million other white rappers emerge," Eminem prophesized in 2002’s "Without Me." Other than Bubba Sparxxx, Princess Superstar and VH1’s pitiable Ego Trip’s (White) Rapper Show, seven years later there aren’t many credible cracks in that glass ceiling. The U.K.’s Lady Sovereign, the self-proclaimed "biggest midget in the game," is an exception, mostly thanks to the approval of hip-hop’s reigning godfather Jay-Z. While 2006 debut Public Warning was as flippant, daring and entertaining as M.I.A. (pre-"Paper Planes"), the pint-sized MC sabotaged her momentum by humorlessly flipping out at audience members more than once on ensuing tours. Cornrows gone, she tries to make things right on this sophomore effort, offering evolutions of of Warning’s rapid-fire wordplay and psychotic beats. "I Got You Dancing" (with, you guessed it, vocoder!) is truth in advertising, a should-be club smash with or without the killer Warriors-influenced video. Welcome back, S.O.V. Just stay chill.