The Chill Lounge Volume 2


Format: CD
Catalog: 67
Genre: Blues/Jazz
Rel. Date: 09/30/2013
UPC: 020286214687

The Chill Lounge Volume 2
Artist: Paul Hardcastle
Format: CD
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On the heels of his highly successful Volume I CD, proli c producer of all thatis mood altering and vibey comes the next chapter of this songbook that you will nd hard to put down. Nobody does it quite like Hardcastle, a man who has an incredible knack for craftsmanship of sides that tickle the sweet spot and 'II' continues in that same tradition.


This is escapism at its very best as PH weaves a tapestry of moods and ambiance that will chip o the rough edges

of life and dial you directly into the zone. You can almost feel your toes in the water and the wind blowing in your hair as you slowly sip these chilled

vibrations. Sonic massage for the ears and mind from a man who has single

handedly created niche that no other has penetrated. Hungry fans will surely

get in line to see where this next chapter of the story will take them. Pull up your favorite virtual lounger and prepare to be chilled, the Hardcastle way….more ice please!!!